The objective of the Herriman Hockey Club is to help promote, teach, train, and create a positive learning environment for athletes to exceed their full potential through the sport of hockey.

To stress the importance of academic excellence, discipline, self-confidence, accountability, responsibility, relationships, resilience, fostering a positive mindset, sportsmanship, and a desire to work hard and smart.


Herriman Hockey is different than all of the hockey programs in the State of Utah……we are run by a Board of Directors (5 individuals) vs. a Trustee (one person) making all of the decisions for the program.  Our program makes decisions on the whole and not the viewpoints of one person.  Herriman Hockey is committed to the success of now while building for the future.  Most Trustees in Utah High School Hockey are concerned with the success of the program while their child is in High School, and making decisions that benefit them…….and not concerned with the future.  That’s why so many High School Hockey teams in Utah come and go.  Herriman has the structure, processes in place and execution for your child to experience consistency year after year.


Come play for a team that cares about YOU, your education, your family and your personal growth.  You will learn team development, life lessons, build self-confidence and experience team comradery while competing at the highest level.  Our core coaching staff has over 60 years of experience while committed to Herriman Hockey for the next 8+ years.  Our club started in 2012, and after 4 short years became 2016 State Champions.  Player involvement has increased every year; high player retention, a Middle School team since 2014, long term coaching staff commitment shows we have the tools and processes in place to compete at the highest level year after year.

NO TEAM in the Salt Lake Valley has produced those results!

HERRIMAN consistently gives you the best opportunity to become the next State Champion!



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