Herriman High Hockey Places 3rd in State

Today, I find myself reflecting on the 2018-19 hockey season, and how grateful I am for so many things. For a selfless coaching staff who gave countless hours for the love and passion of hockey. Teaching our kids life lessons, and truly vested in the mental and physical wellbeing of each player. I am thankful for the time, energy and preparation they spent giving back to the youth of our community. They gave so much of their time without having a player or family member involved in the program. What amazing examples we have teaching our kids! Herriman Hockey is truly grateful to our coaches, their involvement, and being part of our family.

Thank you to our Board Members for helping make short term and long-term decisions that have molded this organization. We are unique in this state and I love how we all work together with a common purpose. You have helped create an amazing culture and a strong foundation that we continue to build upon……our program is flourishing and reaping the benefits from years of hard work.

To our volunteers who help keep things moving behind the scenes……..from recording games, to filling up the water bottles, manning the sin bin, holding team dinners, apparel orders, charity events and the end of year banquet. You help make life a little easier and less hectic, so THANK YOU!!!

Parents, family members and relatives for your commitment and dedication to helping your children follow their dreams. Countless hours at the ice rink, carpooling, scrambling from work to ensure ALL kids are in attendance, being a therapist, cheering in the stands, investing your personal time to our hockey family, socializing and connecting with others, and helping create a positive team culture where the kids can maximize their high school experience. I can’t forget those parents who have moved on with life since the graduation of their son or daughter…….we love to see you at our games, the gifts you surprise our current players with, and how we come together and the outpouring of support in times of need.…….we value your friendship and love how we are one big hockey family no matter of how much time has passed! We love you!

Last but not least……to the players for your blood, sweat and tears. Between juggling school, work, friends and family….each of you gave everything. As a collective group we worked together on systems, skills, communication, relationships, mental/physical adversity, understanding roles and responsibilities, and focusing on team unity. We won and lost as a team, and not as individuals. You pushed yourself to the extremes mentally and physically and overcame the things you thought you couldn’t. When called upon each of you stepped up, and no matter how much ice time you may have received you were willing to do what was needed for the team. You have grown more this year than I could have imagined, and I am proud of what we have accomplished together. To our seniors……. thank you for all your hard work, leading by example, your lifelong friendship, and mentoring your teammates/friends to pass on your wisdom for generations to come. You left a positive mark on all our lives and we wish you the best as the next chapter of your life begins. Go get ‘em!


About herrimanhockeyclub

hockey president for Herriman Hockey Club
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