Herriman High School Hockey (Fall League)

Contemplating playing Fall Hockey with Herriman High? You still have time! Players need to be registered before September 1.  For more information contact Ryan @ 801-573-9087


Three Steps to get registered for Fall Hockey:
1.    USA Hockey Membership $50 (paid before September

https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/ (email a copy to herrimanhockeyclub@yahoo.com)

  • If you purchased after May 1 request a duplicate registration confirmation


  1. Utah High School Hockey Registration $170 (paid before September 1)
    1. https://utahhighschoolhockey.sportngin.com/register/form/085103886?_ga=1.209398225.270709575.1421872102
      1. Will need USA Hockey Membership # to register
      2. Forms to fill out (necessary for the league)
        •    Waiver
        •    Medial Information
        •    Parent’s Code of Conduct
        •    Consent to Treat & Emergency Medical Authorization


  1. Herriman High School Hockey Club Player/Parent Paperwork (signed and sent back before September 1)
    1. Herriman Hockey Club Code of Conduct
    2. Herriman Hockey Parents Code of Conduct


  1. Herriman Hockey Club Dues $500 – $250 due September 17, $250 due October 16



About herrimanhockeyclub

hockey president for Herriman Hockey Club
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